Fernando Ocaña

Founder, VEU

Fernando Ocaña is a Mexican artist and car designer.

Described as “radical” by Der Spiegel and as “crazy talk that could turn our cities into symphony” by Jarvis Cocker on BBC Radio, his automotive design practice extends across collaborations with a variety of transportation and architecture brands; from Saab, Volvo and McLaren to AMO, the design think-tank led by Rem Koolhaas. In 2011, he was appointed Design Director at Think, the Norwegian electric car brand. And, from 2013 to 2015, he held the Creative Director role at Semcon, the Swedish engineering and design consultancy.

Fernando’s interest for a mobility future designed around people, rather than technology, has inspired his pursuit of art as a research medium. By blending artifacts of transport with notions of identity and habitat, Ocaña’s photographs, film-making, writing and sculptures examine the act of motion from anthropological perspectives. His artistic practice challenges the meaning behind our species’ seemingly perpetual state of journeying and aims to spark debate on how speed might be rewiring modern culture.

Currently, and financed by the Government of Mexico City, Fernando is working on the launch of a low-cost electric mobility service that will bring inclusion to low and middle income demographics across developing nations into the global transport strategy to mitigate climate change.