Berry Liberman

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Small Giants

Berry Liberman is co-founder of Small Giants, a 100 percent impact family office committed to the service of future generations. Small Giants’ investments span all sectors and prove that impact investing can achieve both profit and purpose, realizing meaningful change on a global scale.
As former editor and publisher of the groundbreaking magazine Dumbo Feather, Berry interviewed hundreds of the world’s most influential thinkers, business leaders, and change-makers. Berry is the host of the Dumbo Feather podcast, which features deep conversations with global leaders in a spectrum of fields, united by questions about how to make a positive impact worldwide. She asks provocative questions about how we might engage with the Next Economy before it’s too late to have that choice. Through her work on the Dumbo Feather podcast, Berry tackles issues of intergenerational wealth transfer, risk, reward, and radical hope to answer questions about how we can design a world in which all species can flourish on a living planet.

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