Tamar Guttmann

Program Coordinator, Coalition for Impact

Tamar Gutttmann leads the Coalition for Impact, a unique network of networks which believes in the value of co-creation, cooperation and coordination in order to jointly create more impact. The coalition consists of 6 of the leading impact networks and foundations in the social impact investing space; BMW Foundation, NEXUS, Toniic, CSP, and Private Wealth, Katapult, and The ImPact.

She frequently hosts and moderates impact events, such as the PYM Women Wealth Matters sessions, which are focused on encouraging and educating women of wealth on impact investing and philanthropy. Tamar sits on the advisory boards to three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy, Business Plan for Peace, and Princess’ Irene of the Netherlands’ non-profit organisation, Berglaas. She also founded the non-profit organisation New Amsterdam Jazz in 2020, which aims to raise the recognition of the jazz scene that is based in the Netherlands and connect it to scenes around the globe.