Sophie Lambin

Founder & CEO, Kite Insights

Sophie is the Founder and CEO of Kite Insights, as well as the Curator of the New York Times Climate Hub. Sophie has two decades of professional services and consulting experience and is a globally recognised thought leader on gender and climate action. Over the years, she has developed global content strategies, produced high profile strategic content, and led the development of research-based insights for leaders across different industry sectors and geographies. At Kite Insights, Sophie and her team help organizations navigate, communicate and positively impact issue areas relevant to their business as well as our economies and societies at large - focusing on gender, climate and the ethical application of technology. Most recently, she has founded The Kite Climate School - recognising the urgent need for companies to accelerate solutions to address climate change and its impact - through tools and resources to unlock climate-focused innovations at every level of the organization.