Shobhita Soor

Founder & CEO, Legendary Foods

Shobhita Soor, CEO of Legendary Foods, a food technology company in Ghana pioneering insect protein for West & Central Africa, is a social entrepreneur currently based in Kumasi, Ghana. Legendary Foods advances the technology to farm & process palm weevil larva, a desired, nutritious, versatile and resource-efficient source of animal protein with the goal of making high-quality protein accessible to all. She previously co-founded Aspire Food Group.

A SANKALP Social Entrepreneur Winner, Forbes 30U30 Honoree in the Social Enterprise category, Shobhita was part of a winning team for the 1MM USD Hult Prize in 2013 and has been named a Top Impact Maker by McGill University. She has been a speaker at conferences such as TEDMED and featured in several academic and media publications.

Shobhita holds a BSc Psychology, BCL, LLB & MBA from McGill University.