Diana Beata Krueger

Co-Founder, Motherland

Meet Diana Beata Krueger, an indefatigable humanist and change-maker, carving a bold path in social impact and innovation. As a co-founder of MOTHERLAND, she champions human-centric approaches and guides transformative initiatives. Diana's work showcases her deep understanding of human needs, fostered by her attentive listening and tackling society's challenges head-on.

She navigates diverse ecosystems, building trust and unity among stakeholders to unlock true potential. Diana's philosophy centers on collective trust and purpose, sparking transformations in organizations to address profound societal issues.

Diana's transformative work includes co-founding a refugee-led startup incubator in Uganda and orchestrating innovation as a co-founder of MOTHERLAND in Kenya. She serves as a board member of the U&I Foundation, improving lives in Kampala's slums, and contributes to sustainable food solutions through the Future Food Campus.

Driven by curiosity, Diana unravels human behavior complexities and hidden obstacles, designing comprehensive strategies for groundbreaking achievements. Her ability to connect on a personal level fosters collaboration and sustainable impact. Diana Beata Krueger is a leader who embodies passion, empathy, and strategic thinking, transforming lives through innovation.

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