David Andrew Quist

Chief Scientific Officer, Norwegian Mycelium

David Andrew Quist is a mushroom scientist, food innovator and restaurateur who hails from the USA. David’s professional career has focused on sustainable food systems - as research scientist, and as advisor the the Norwegian Environment Ministry, the European Environment Agency, as Norwegian representative under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Taking a break from the science and policy world, he became a chef and launched a “nordic ramen” concept at his award winning Oslo restaurant, Hrimnir. In 2020, David started (with co-founder Ingrid Dynna) Norwegian Mycelium AS, a fermentation tech company creating sustainable, fungus-based proteins (using agricultural and food process industry sides treams) for food and feed. David’s 2022 TEDx talk “How to think like a fungus” has been featured on Ted.com to showcase the myriad of ways fungi can help create a more sustainable future.