Balint Teglasy

Researcher, NTNU

Balint Teglasy is a professional working on the safety and security of next-generation industrial control systems. His focus is on the unique challenges posed by the networking capabilities of digital technologies in critical infrastructures. With experience in the nuclear industry, Balint has gained valuable insights into the complex issues that arise in control systems used in highly regulated sectors. He recognizes the increasing importance of security regulations alongside safety measures in industries such as oil and gas, air traffic, and electricity grids.

Balint is driven to reconcile and unify the standards of safety and security throughout the lifecycle of control systems, despite the inherent contradictions and challenges stemming from the different foundations of each field. He believes that clarifying design, verification, and operation procedures for future control systems will enable organizations to maintain control while leveraging the benefits of IoT and Industry 4.0 functionalities. Inspired by projects like BRU21 and AMOS, Balint is currently focused on developing authentication protocols for underwater assets, specifically addressing secure underwater communication using the JANUS acoustic physical layer.