Dr. Andréa Paige

Dean of Graduate Studies, The Institute For Aliveness

Leapt past the “fuck it” barrier, Andi courageously fires forward, charging to defend the cosmic order of our species. Holding higher standards for what it means to be human, she trains Jedis and machines to become Applied Epigeneticists: the doctors of the future. After a decade-long, highly public career as a Naturopath, directing the wellness center at the largest retreat center in the world, running global fasting retreats and teaching yoga teacher trainings, Andi now lectures on the human interface: collecting more data points on the entirety of your human experience. From how the body works to interpersonal communication. "The things you wish you’d learned in school." Knowing 2020 would be the tipping point of our modern area, Andi founded The Institute For Aliveness, a cyber college humans desperately need, with a flagship first-of-it’s-kind accredited Master’s program in Applied Epigenetics. The student body represents 50+ countries. Andi also runs Physiological Computing - a colony ship, actively programming the future - at the intersection of human physiology & Technology.