Ali Najafbagy

General Partner & Co-Founder, 4Impact Capital

Ali Najafbagy is a co-founder of 4impact capital, where he and his team specialize in investing in software startups in NW Europe that not only generate robust financial returns but also make a positive contribution to the planet and people. With a background as an aerospace engineer and previous work experience at prestigious institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Mubadala, GE, and Egon Zehnder, Ali brings a diverse skill set to his investment endeavors. He further enhanced his business acumen by completing an executive MBA program at Harvard Business School.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ali finds immense joy in playing outdoor sports with his twin boys, considering it the biggest luxury in his life. He appreciates the freedom, clean air, and water that enable these activities, recognizing their immeasurable value. 4impact capital represents Ali's startup-to-scale-up journey, reflecting his commitment to investing in a better future.